Career Coaching Webinar N°4 (in English)

formateurNext Steps with a Career Vision at Mid Life Crisis, part 4 of 4

Join the Career Coaching Community of Practice for the final session of the four part series, ‘Career Vision at Mid-Life Crisis’. During this session, I will focus on the final stage of the exercise, where the client expresses his/her vision and defines the projects leading to the desired future. Following the completion of this exercise, the task of the coach is to sustain the client in the realization of his/her projects and discuss possible tools to be used for its purpose.

In the previous sessions we learned how to assist our client to a new outlook on his/her present life and career situation. We began with the inventory of all life and professional aspects and classified these into the four categories of: Intimate and personal, Relational, Competences and capacities, and Environmental. At the end of the most recent session, Philippe asked the listeners to write a letter using the four key words and its two companion words, identified from each category. This letter helps establish a positive image of the client being as they are today and will help guide him/her to a positive expression of the experiences and discoveries to come.

Additionally, during this final session, I will be answering questions about his exercise.

If you missed any of the previous sessions or would like to review them, you can access their recordings using the following links:

*This webinar will take place on Wednesday, November 30th at 20:00 CET; to register, use the GoToWebinar link:

**This program is valued for 1.0 CCEU in Core Competency.

Presenter: Philippe R. Declercq, PCC


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