Career Coaching Webinar (in English)

3d person on the tribuneNext Steps with a Career Vision at Mid Life Crisis

Sept. 28, 2016 2pm EDT/20:00 CET

Last month I described and introduced attendees to my visioning process to help individuals through a metaphor to develop a new career direction.

Using the metaphor of Legos, I will review 4 steps of creating a vision for the future in 4 defined areas: intimacy, meeting others, work tools, and open to the world. The individual creates their own « village » using Legos.

Woven through the model are some NLP tools, EI tools, integral coaching and sustainability processes. Once the vision is created more traditional coaching methods are incorporated.

Using a webinar format and webcam, I will do a short review of the global process used to guide the client in the development of his/her vision of the future, we will deepen the first step: doing the inventory of the treasures of the client. As a coach, what are my questions, what do I want the client to discover, how will I be complete? This is a soft way to do an assessment and can be full of emotions.

Attendee registration link:

Be prepared to complete the process for yourself, as we will use the result at the next follow-up session in October. 2 large sheets of paper, a set of markers will be useful.

We will continue the discussion during the next two sessions.

10/26/2016 2 pm EDT  Organizing discovery so we can use it
11/30/2016 2 pm EST  How do we go from here and a wrap up

This session covers ICF Competencies 2,5,7,8,9 and qualifies for 1 Core Competency ICF CEU.

The recording of the August session when the model was introduced is pasted below. You might find it helpful to review it prior to the meeting.

This webinar is organized by :

ICF Career Coaching Community of Practice

Assist clients in work-related areas, including finding career/job direction, life purpose, life/work balance, job search strategies and similar tasks. Support excellence in career coaching while supporting career coaches in building full practices.

Leader(s): Ms. Jane C Wytzka, MA (



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